Here is a simple tool to build up your emotional resilience

Updated: Mar 19

Have you ever felt not your usual? You may think it is unsettled weather or lousy sleep last night or some troubling thoughts you have been having lately. All of them could be the reason. But is it? A simple tool I use is a piece of paper and a writing pen. Firstly, write down your feelings and behaviors. For example, “anxious that I will not have time today to finish cooking preparation for tomorrow's party”, or “feel guilty that I have been overindulging in desserts”, or “I am snappy in the morning”. Then figure out the reasons behind each behavior. The trick is to look deep into yourself. Keep asking why until you are happy to accept that that the way it is. Why would you put pressure on yourself trying to make perfect food for the party? Why is it so stressful? Maybe because you worry about others people opinion too much, ask yourself then why do you do that, or perhaps because you have to try a new recipe and anxious that the meal will not turn out as expected, or maybe it is a legitimate reason that you have not enough time left to complete such a big menu aspiration.

By establishing WHY you feel or behave in such a way, you will be closer to finding a solution for changing your attitude or behavior. Go on and title the last column on your paper “what I will do differently as from tomorrow”. Will you try a new recipe in advance, will you make the menu simpler, will you start earlier, will you ask for help? Keep the paper with you and refer to your new plan often and after a month re-evaluate. Some authors of behavior changing books say that it take thirty days to establish a new habit. Build your #emotional #resilience , it is just as important as your physical strength.