How to take control of eating yo-yo

Updated: Jul 23

Have you ever wondered why is it today that you have a food craving at 10 am, feeling lethargic at 2 pm, not sleeping well, struggling to perform a physical task, but yesterday you were full of energy, and the world was your oyster? It seems that we are living in an unpredictable world, and everything we experience is by a par-hazard occurrence. What if I tell you that the food you eat becomes the curse or the blessing of your day? When I ask people what have they eaten today, many can only recall main meals but not the snacks. Snacks are consumed mindlessly: a bit of this or that, here or there, as a free taster in the shops, from an open bag of nuts in the pantry, from a tree in the garden. We often eat not because of hunger but because our brain seeks pleasure or comfort. We tell ourselves, “just one piece will not hurt”, or “I deserve this treat”.

How can you break free from the emotional rollercoaster of desire and guilt? The best tool to get back in charge is to start a food consumption journal. There are many apps available these days to help you with recording. The one that helped me and the one I am still using is called KetoDiet. When I started, I was surprised to learn how little protein I was consuming. I could also notice that those “healthy” snacks such as nuts, seeds, pieces of fruit were shifting my nutrients balance towards high sugar consumption. So, I started to eat mindfully and plan my meals in advance. After 3 months, I no longer needed a food calculator. The best gift from the food diary experience was the acquired ability to intuitively select quantities and food types that were good for me. No more guessing: I know what portion size will be enough to nourish my body. Understanding your body needs is the most potent weapon against overeating.