5 advice to my younger self

Updated: Mar 19

I was looking at some Instagram posts today and came around one account owned by an athletic-looking girl. Scrolling through the photos, I admired her lean physic and watched some videos showcasing her hard work at the gym. Then I saw a post, "Why I do not do keto," and the confession about her love for carbs. It made me think: this girl looks like the early 30's or maybe younger. What advice would I give to my younger self? What did I do in my 30's that has negatively impacted my health now when I am in my 50's?

Maintain the level of Vitamin D

Check your vitamin D level often – every six months. That way, you will ensure that you have >100 nmol/L, which is vital for maintaining adequate bone density. In 2017 my level was 30 nmol/L, and my bone scan showed that one of my hips bones became thinner. Do not take contraceptive pills. Studies show that vitamin D absorption is compromised in the presence of chemicals from the drugs.

Avoid cheap sunscreen

Do not use sunscreen containing chemicals you cannot pronounce. Your skin will thank you for that. Instead, practice a common-sense approach – do not fry yourself under the sun, cover yourself with light cotton cloths. If you do need to apply sunscreen, choose one containing zinc or titanium oxides.

Consume fewer carbohydrates

Reduce consumption of carbs – you will not get a sunburn, trust me. I chose to reduce carbohydrates consumption in 2010. As weird as it sounds, I can sit under the sun for 2-3 hours without getting a sunburn. Ditch the carbs for another important discovery of mine - your energy will go through the roof. Bye-bye hAnger and craving!!

Include good fat in your diet

Do not be afraid to eat meat with fat. I would have had fewer wrinkles by now. Never buy Canola oil. To extract this oil from rapeseeds, the seeds have to be heavily processed. You will be disgusted to read the chemicals' names used in its manufacturing.

Get enough sleep

Fix your sleeping habits and stop using an alarm clock. You will never be reactive and emotionally unbalanced. How many times did you regret that you had snapped at someone dear to you or made an impulsive decision?

It's sad to realize that young people are not learning from mistakes made by the previous generations. Please share with us what would be your advice to your younger self.lf?

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