This is how you can improve your sleep

Updated: Mar 19

Sleep quality is a huge topic these days. We know a lot by now why we sleep, thanks to modern science. Two types of a clock govern our sleep. One of them is external, and that is the sun. The sun creates a circadian rhythm that sends signals to our hormonal system. The other clock is internal and chemical in nature. It is called “sleep pressure.” A chemical compound is being built in your brain receptors while you are awake. This chemical is called adenosine if you wish to google it. Caffeine molecules compete with this chemical for space in the receptors. You can reduce this sleep pressure by drinking a cup of coffee. Sometime later, caffeine is broken down by your liver. The receptors are free again, and adenosine rushes back to its place. That is why you may experience even a stronger urge for a nap.

I am currently watching lectures by Dr Huberman on YouTube. His sleep lab is impressive. I like his study because of the simplicity of the tools he offers to anyone who wants to improve their sleep quality. It is free, and it is the sun. The wavelengths of the sunlight are different at sunrise and sunset. The light sends signals to our brains to prepare for sleep or to stay alert. I have tried this simple technique. I went outside to catch the morning sun. At the end of the day, I watched the sunset. Five minutes or less in the morning and five minutes in the evening were all I needed to become feeling sleepy by 9 pm and to wake up feeling rested at 6.30 am the following morning. No sleeping aids were required. Try this and let us if it works for you.

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