You do not need to be in a gym environment to build muscles. The only thing you really need for an effective workout is a stable surface with adequate space around it, as safety is always first. Let’s look around your house.

Your Body

Various positions, utilization of one leg or one arm, different angles will provide you with multiple loads.

Yoga Mat

A thick yoga mat or a beach towel

You also can exercise on the carpet. In any way, you need a cushioning surface to feel comfortable while performing exercises in a laydown position.

Gym Dumbbells

Free weights

You can invest in dumbbells, or you can make your own from milk bottles. A 1L bottle filled with water will weigh 1 kg, but if you fill it with sand, it will weigh 1.5 kg. You get the idea.

Grey and tan backpack on woman's arm

A back pack filled with books

Another idea is to use 1,2,3,5 or 10 kg bags of rice, flour, sugar, or any other cheap bulk packed food commodity. I prefer a 10kg bag of rice as it is usually packed in a vacuum-sealed bag and will not spill.


Resistance bands

This is great and inexpensive portable equipment. They are sold everywhere. Check out websites or visit your local superstore.

Garden Dinner Table

A bench

It needs to be of solid construction as safety is always first.

A chair

It needs to be of solid construction as safety is always first.

Modern Staircase

Steps at  around 30 cm in height each

It will be a good addition to your home equipment arsenal.


Paper plates

That’s right, you need 2 paper plates, the same kind you buy for parties.


A door frame

It has to have some wall space on one side.